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Nutritional Blood Analysis

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Nutritional Blood Analysis

Are you healthy enough to experience and enjoy everything that life has to offer? Beginning with a comprehensive blood test, Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professionals perform an in-depth analysis of your total system. Problem areas are identified and carefully documented so that proactive measure may be taken to attain optimal health.

The Science Based Nutritional Blood Analysis report is the most comprehensive analysis available. Below are some of the key features that set us apart from others:

  • Individualized supplement recommendations & dosages specific to test findings
  • Age, sex, & weight of the patient considered in Dietary recommendations
  • Compares color-coded current and previous test results on the same page
  • Incorporates multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including the patients symptoms, medications, blood tests, hair tests, chelation and urine tests
  • Complete laboratory analysis to document and monitor current disease processes and tendencies toward disease
  • Color-coded report to quickly identify problem areas
  • Correlation of tests results with symptoms, lifestyle habits or medication side effects that could contribute to the abnormality.
  • Comprehensive list of lifestyle recommended based upon thepatients individual test results.

Ask for the Science Based Nutrition report.

Your Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professional offers a science based approach to nutritional healthcare. Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually "feel" symptoms. Did you know you can have only 20% liver or kidney function left and still have virtually no symptoms? How do you know if you're truly healthy? Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate whether or not you are progressing toward a serious illness, such as cancer, liver, heart or many other diseases.

A complete Nutritional Blood Analysis will determine: How healthy you really are What problems are just beginning What diseases you have What dietary and lifestyle changes you should make If the supplements you are taking are working

Starting with a consultation, your Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professional will determine the testing that should be done. Using bloodwork and other diagnostic tools, an in-depth analysis of your body function will be performed. The testing will show where the problem areas are occurring or just developing. Your detailed report will explain your test findings, as well as the nutrient and dietary recommendations based upon your test results.

Nutrition -

Our approach to nutrition using clinically proven whole food concentrates and extracts since 1929 by Standard Process; the genius of Doc Wheelright from Systemic Formulas, and the wisdom or Lee, Pottinger, Price, Page, Harrower, Kelly, Atkins, Hyman, and others.

Common Sense Eating versus a Processed Food Diet

We can look to our ancestors to know what we should eat. Nutritional supplementation per se will not substitute for a poor diet.

Sally Fallon's book, NOURISHING TRADITIONS, explains how fermenting grains removes phytates from breads and cereals; how sprouting grains destroys enzyme inhibitors and releases nutrients and how the eating of unadulterated meat (with naturally occurring beneficial fats) and use of whole butter and other dairy products leads to longevity. Surprising? Not really.

Nutritionists Lee, Price, Pottinger, Kelly and even Atkins have advocated such practices as long as carbohydrates and the insulin they produce are kept to a minimum. This approach has existed for centuries and has been promoted since the 1920's by the above nutritionists. One should avoid all refined foods such as sugar, sodas, salt, alcohol and flavored drinks. Most snack foods, including chips, cookies, candies, etc., are loaded with the wrong fats and sugar.

When eating a low carbohydrate diet, the quantity of food consumed is no longer a large issue. Our digestive system is built for this kind of eating, with one stomach and relatively short intestines.  This facilitates the rapid digestion of animal protein and fats and reduces our ability to easily digest grains. Dr. Atkins has 20,000 documented case histories attesting to the benefits of eating as our ancestors did. His and Sally Fallon's book give information showing us how the food "processing industry" offers university grants to obtain studies that support eating "processed foods" which the media then innocently reports to us. This way it appears that not even the "experts" know what is right, and this way the "industry" continues to profit. But many do know exactly what to do and have known for many decades -- we are here to share this with you.

While some patients, especially those with acute conditions, experience remarkable turnarounds with clinical nutrition, most require weeks or even months for the restoration of normal body functions.

Patients have been conditioned by conventional medicine to expect and realize immediate symptomatic relief with drug therapy. Drugs, however, suppress symptoms, pushing them deeper into the being where they remain. Drugs produce a short-term pharmacological effect, while whole complex nutrients rebuild tissue and produce a long-term nutritional effect.

Obviously, if it took many years to develop the symptoms, it may take many months to resolve them through nutritional medicine.

Reversal of Symptoms vs. Repression of Symptoms

Refreshing MineralsWhen a person's case progresses well, they retrace their past illnesses in the reverse order in which they occurred. While a worsening of symptoms can be expected temporarily in most cases, the good news is that it is an indication of getting better and of overcoming carbohydrate addiction. It is important for the patient to realize that such temporary worsening of symptoms can be controlled by reducing the dosage, modifying the protocol, drinking adequate amounts of pure water, getting lots of rest, avoiding refined foods, thinking good things and perhaps concentrating on spiritual issues.

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