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Being Medically Smart

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Being Medically Smart

So often we say, "they've got me on"  when describing what medicine has been prescribed for us.  Actually, this implies it's their decision, not yours.  I prefer saying, "I was prescribed XYZ and agreed to take it".

Actually I prefer, "I was prescribed XYZ, I took the prescription, but went home to research it first.  It had 30 unwanted effects for the one wanted effect.  Yes, I thought it would improve my blood test numbers but only at the risk of experiencing the 30 unwanted other effects.  I decided to try an alternative to man-made molecules and to try to obtain one found in nature."

How can we get beyond thinking that laboratories of the major pharmaceutical companies have our best interests in mind?  They are corporations and a company incorporates in order to protect its owners and emplyees from being sued for negligence.  I would rather buy from those who have some risk for what they've made.  Wouldn't you?  Nobody has asked me to become president but if they did I'd abollish corporations.

I do not trust molecules made by corporations that must recoop an inordinate amount of money in order to pay for the FDA's certification process.  Why not study and utilize molecules found in nature that cost 1% of the price and which have 4000 years of history helping people?  Well, I've just given you the reason why not....it only has 1% of the profit.  Ah, capitalism!  I wish there were a way to have, within a capitalistic/socialistic society, a committee of concerned citizens looking out for our health concerns instead of an FDA, an AMA and profit making societies for cancer, diabetes, etc.  We have a profit driven system.

And don't be fooled by the newest commercials on TV about Cancer Treatment Centers of America and how they have dietitians on staff because after all nutrition is important!  The diets dietitians come up with.....well, what do you think of hospital food?

Go to doctors who have used nutrition for decades, who are well seasoned, whether they be chiropractic physicians, MDs, naturopaths, osteopaths, homeopaths, herbalists or acupuncturists.   Chiropractic doctors and homeopaths are the best trained in holistic philosophy and that is at the core of being able to reason well in prescriptive decisions.  Wouldn't it be great if all doctors had to take years of philosophy, spirituality and psychology while doing pre-med?


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