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But I've Tried Everything!

No, you haven't.....

But I've Tried Everything!

Whenever we take medicines that only make symptoms go away we actually take the real dis-ease and push it deeper into the body.  It is then 'suppressed'.   When, by its natural course, the malady attempts to resurface with symptoms, it often does so as a deeper, more serious set of symptoms.  Regular doctors then give more drugs to suppress those symptoms and it then goes to the third level and this spells TROUBLE.

Almost everyone is walking around with a list of suppressed ailments from their past.  The Macrobiotic people call this Sanpaku, approaching death.  The goal of the Homeopath is to un-suppress the patient as quickly as possible and to set them back on the track they were on before they started taking pharmaceuticals.

Am I saying the world is upside-down?  Yes.  I have not met a holistic practitioner, be they a chiropractor, homeopath, herbologist or acupuncturist that hasn't admitted to me in privacy that pharmaceuticals suppress everyone!  In public we are supposed to be open minded and cooperate with the medical profession....of course organ replacement surgery, disfigurement surgeries, emergency room work....is all wonderful...but that is 5% of medicine today.  95% is the administration of drugs.  Just watch TV commercials....

So, if you think you have tried it all...start with un-suppressing yourself with a trained homeopath, a classical homeopath...do it the right way, profoundly and with a professional watching your every step.



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