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Happy Mother

A Remedy Changes a Child

Happy Mother

I treat a mother of four and each time she comes in we also take the homeopathic case on one of her children.  This time it was the young boy's turn.  He was clearly the Natrum personality ie.  shy, diverting attention away from himself, grumpy, a deep look in his eyes of self awareness, worse being consoled, 'leave me alone' syndrome.  I gave the mother a dose to administer later and received this text the next day:



We went thru a WHOLE range of emotions this evening with Nathaniel.  Between 4--6 pm
Frustrations with 
Tripping & scraping knee
hotdog breaking, being messy
Pee accident 
Spilling juice
Jacket not fitting, not his jacket, jacket sleves too long, change to another jacket with a hood.
it was hard to find & get everything to work ok.
Between 6--8 pm
We moved spots the cat by the fire & he sat close to me. he was smiling, he let someone else cuddle with him & he had conversations with others. he didn't get embarrassed when others said he was cute.
He wasn't grumpy on the evening drive home. transfered from sleeping in van to bed with no fuss.
It seemed after all the yuck & frustration was gone I really enjoyed seeing this new side. He let me cuddle & kiss him. He even looked at a grumpy picture of himself & he talked about it without getting mad. he is usually embarrassed or shuts down.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
Nice text!  the child initially was aggravated by the homeopathic remedy and had a little exageration of normal symptoms, then it nicely smoothed out.  That's what we like to see.  Nathaniel might need a higher strength dose of the same remedy in the future to lock-in the beneficial effects of the homeopathy.
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