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Homeopathy for Anxiety

We've been treating this for 200 years...

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Homeopathy has been treating anxiety successfully for 200 years.  I have helped many patients with this problem over my 33 years of practice.  Homeopathy can work for you too.

In the classical homeopathic method we have to listen carefully to the person with anxiety to determine what the anxiety is about.  Sometimes they don’t know what it is all about but with some caring and careful listening we can usually come to the answer.

No matter what substance we start with, whether it is a flower or a toxic material, the homeopathic pharmacy dilutes it over and over again until it is safe enough to give to even babies!  Homeopathy is deep acting without having side effects.

Remedies like arsenicum and argenticum (silver) are more nervous than most.   Arsenicum worries that disease and germs might attack their bodies – they feel their bodies can’t defend themselves well.  Argenticum has fears and runs on the nervous side anyway.  Pulsatillas worry about their families, that something might happen to them.  Phosphorous worries too but mostly because they can ‘feel’ the feelings of others and end up feeling the same way others feel.  Nux Vomica and Calcarea can worry about money – Lycopodium worries about what others think of them.  The list goes on. 

There is a remedy for almost every worry and anxiety.  It requires an expert to help the person discover what they are worried about.  In a 2 hour consultation with a seasoned homeopath the doctor will also rule out the possibility of the person’s anxiety needing a different remedy than the one that seems most obvious.  In other words, there might be a more exact remedy.    This is why choosing a remedy from the health food store on your own can prove useless.

The allopathic medical profession has categorized anxiety into distinct classes and recommends different pharmaceuticals for each.  The homeopathic medical profession prefers to listen to the words the patient comes up with and will never button hole the problem into a box.  Each person is unique, requiring a unique remedy.

Many have received homeopathic remedies for anxiety with success. 

Once the anxiety has been alleviated there is usually a deeper layer that needs to be addressed.  A follow-up consultation will bring out the constitutional type of the person.  A constitutional remedy is one that relates to the person’s core remedy.  The constitutional type usually represents concepts that the patient has.  For example, one person may feel that germs will eventually take us over and another will be sure that something bad is going to happen to their loved ones.  Often the first remedy taken is an acute remedy designed to give relief to the person in need.  Once they have some relief they will have confidence in homeopathic medicines.  Later the constitutional type can be addressed and then there is a deep cure.

One man, a minister, came to me with 28 different and distinct fears.  He was in poor emotional shape.  He was afraid of God, of dogs, of disease, lightning, and his wife!  I gave him phosphorous and the next month he reported back saying he was now only afraid of being punished by God and worried about finances….I gave him silica as it matched his constitutional.  The next month he said he was now only afraid that God would single him out for divine wrath!  I gave him a very specific remedy for that complaint.  In two months that fear had left him too.  He then decided to quit the ministry and become an attorney.  He called me seven years later and told me how happy he was.

Homeopathy is the preferred method of dealing with emotional disorders.  It is safe and effective and one can never become addicted to having to take it over and over again.

Dr. Cyrus Thomas

Dr. Cyrus Thomas has been a Homeopath in San Francisco and around the globe for more than 35 years. He has studied with the most renowned homeopaths in the world, including Catherine Coulter, Eizayaga, Bill Gray, Roger Morrison and various homeopaths from India. He has an advanced standing with the NCH, a Medical Doctorate of Homeopathy from India and is a Diplomat and an examiner for the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners.

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