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Inherited Weakness

Miasms Affect Us On A Profound Level

Inherited Weakness

this is an excerpt from my book which can be read in its entirety on this website.

Samuel Hahnemann wrote extensively on miasms. He proposed that the three main miasms were Psora, Sycosis and Syphilitic. The theory, confirmed clinically a million times over, literally, states that if someone in our family tree had had one of these miasms it is likely that this unharmonious vibration or frequency is transmitted to the offspring. It is analogous to the 'sins of the father', in theory, but has been observed in treatment for 200 years. Miasms, untreated, keep well-indicated remedies for acute ailments, and constitutional remedies, from working properly. They block the well-intentioned prescriptions of well-intentioned Homeopaths. Hahnemann came to this conclusion after wondering why carefully chosen remedies were failing. He would then treat with remedies that relate, in their symptom picture, to the dis-eases resulting from skin suppression (psora), gonorrhea (psychosis) and syphilis (syphilitic), the three main ailments represented by the three main miasms. A patient could benefit from treatment of one or more miasms depending on how many they inherited.

The miasm of Psora results from the maltreatment of the itch. Hahnemann maintained that an itch is the skin's first manifestation of an attempt to rid a substance from the body, by way of the skin, the largest organ of our body. When the skin is suppressed Psora, the miasm, results and it can be transferred by impregnation to the offspring of the person affected by the Psoric miasm. Several remedies were noted by Hahnemann as being able to alleviate symptoms of Psora and to cure the miasm.

Sycosis is the gonorrheal miasm. Several remedies can treat this miasm. One of them is made from gonorrhea itself. (Remember, none of the original substance remains in the potentized dilution).

The miasm of Syphilitis has several remedies associated with it too. In fact, each remedy can be graded as to how much it fits into each miasm.

Each miasm has many physical characteristics associated with them.

Psora has functional dis-ease. It is pathology free, usually, and ailments falling under this category are neurological in origin…the body is not functioning properly. Hypo- states are Psoric.

Sycosis has over abundance associated with it. Tissues are produced in excess of need. Tumors, warts, moles, polyps, bone spurs, any growth in excess. Hyper- states are Sycotic, as in hypertrophy. Sycosis is restless and results in hypertension i.e. high blood pressure.

The syphilitic miasm has the disappearance of tissue associated with its miasm, such as dental cavities, tumors that create voids, any infection that eats away at surrounding tissues and bone tumors that leave holes. This is the most destructive miasm and often results in open ulcers and irregular blood pressure.

Each miasm has personality characteristics assigned to it as well:

Psora is timid and sensitive. They can be full of ideas with no tendency to materialize. They condemn themselves and have fears that manifest as anxiety.

Sycosis is restless and expressive; they are adventurers and can be ostentatious with fixed ideas. They can be suspicious, jealous and mischievous, as well as cruel.

The Syphilitic miasm has fears manifested by anguish, forgetfulness and mental paralysis. They hide their depression and can quietly commit suicide. Dr. Banerjea, a great Homeopath from India, says that all fascists, anarchists and exploiters of the world are the product of the syphilitic miasm.

Hahnemann said that a 4th miasm of Tuberculosis might be the combination of the other three.

Tubercular types have the theme of freedom in their make-up. They are often dissatisfied. They can be very artistic. Catherine Coulter thought most great classical music was the result of this miasm. Like everything in our dualistic world, dis-ease carries a beneficial side as well. (Subject for another book!) Tubercular types can be careless and fearless and very changeable. They can be so careless as to become vagabonds. They move their residences a lot and appear as the most creative people on the planet.

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