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The Harm in Allopathic Thinking

Linear thinking and its harmfulness

The Harm in Allopathic Thinking

Our bodies are controlled by a subtle force.  Chiropractors have called it 'innate'.  Homeopaths call it 'the vital force'. Acupuncturists call it 'Chi'.  Nutritionists don't have a word for it as they tend to see nutrition as a science of chemistry that overrides any subtle force.  They think they can use nutritional molecules such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids in a very similar way to how pharmaceutical prescribers (allopath’s) use pharmaceuticals (drugs).

The nice part about using nutrients, even in an allopathic way, which means to force the body to do what YOU want it to do, is that the nutrients have no side effects whereas the pharmaceuticals (man-made molecules) have 30 or more additional effects to the effect the drug companies are marketing.

Forcing the body to do our will usually doesn't work.  Why?  The body is so complex, each part connecting with hundreds of other parts, each molecule reacting in a hundred different places in a hundred different ways all at the same time, that when we assume we know what we want to affect, and go and affect that part (like giving thyroid hormone to increase thyroid function) we end up ignoring the Chi, the Vital Force, the Innate ability of the body to correct itself and our ability as prescribers to give substances that help to correct itself.

When we built thousands of dams in order to control the flow of water in the U.S. we prohibited salmon from swimming upstream.  The net result was to vastly inhibit the flow of fats and proteins into the interior of our country, as the salmon die upstream, where many other animals depend on those nutrients.  We starved our lands of nutrients for other animals and never figured it out for a hundred years!!  When we give thyroid hormone to raise the level of thyroid in the blood without correcting the thyroid gland so it will make more hormone itself, we send a signal to that thyroid gland to go to sleep as we will now supply the hormone by pill form.  And now many decades later with a country full of people with non-functioning thyroid glands, the pharmaceutical profession still hasn't figured out what they are doing. 

We are a very slow learning species.

The mysterious effect of this healing force within us is that it often knows what to do long before we even find out there is a problem.  We mustn't tamper with this energy by taking too many homeopathic remedies at once, altering our finer energies with recreational drugs, taking the wrong herbs and upsetting the Chi, using antibiotics to suppress disease, taking mood enhancing drugs, sleeping aids, uppers, downers, tobacco and over the counter pain killers in excess.  Severe frights and traumas can alter this energy too but homeopathy has solutions when life's mishaps are the cause.

Protect your vital force, where you can. It heals you.

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