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A Little History

Not Too Much!

Today non-Allopathic practitioners consider the barbaric use of medicine in the 1800s and early 1900s to not be much different than Allopathic treatment today.

If the sinuses and lungs are attempting to rid the blood of toxins and mucous, is it not antithetical to prescribe a substance that stops the process? Considering a detoxifying process to be a dis-ease is a grand mistake and only guarantees patients of not being able to cleanse themselves in the future. More and more people are riding out colds and flues today because of the recent information on the detrimental sensitizing to antibiotics. Even these people, those riding it out, think they have an illness and sense that if they wait long enough their own body will overwhelm the ailment. It would be better to see these conditions as beneficial detoxifications rather than as dis-eases.

Surgery for heart valve dis-ease might be an error as well. When a valve does not sit properly in the opening between chambers of the heart, blood leaks by. This is first perceived as a murmur, a back washing. This occurs because the fibrous/ligamentous tissues that keep the heart in its correct shape, its 3D configuration in space, become lax and the heart sags. As the heart sags the valves no longer fit properly. Bruce West, a Chiropractic Physician in California and a grand proponent of using nutrients made only of compressed foods, has successfully treated many patients with valve disorders using the B vitamins, and whole-vitamin C, left in their original food form, and other nutrients as well. It appears these vitamins have the ability to strengthen the heart's fibrous tissue returning it to its proper shape; the valves then seat as they should.

If this knowledge were to become public knowledge, and what a battle that would be, the 7000 heart surgery operations performed yearly by many hospitals would cost them a fortune in lost income. Not to mention the far greater amount the pharmaceutical industry would lose in the sale of drugs taken daily after heart surgery to 'maintain' health'! And if a cure for cancer were discovered the same would happen. 60 Minutes, back in the 80's, used to air programs on such cures. They also reported on the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgeries…even a segment on a cures for Aids. Someone must have influenced them. They no longer do such programming.

By-pass surgery falls into the same definition of 'barbarism'. Although advances have been made in the length of time by-pass surgery remains successful it still ignores a plethora of knowledge on how to rejuvenate arteries with diet, Nutrition and Homeopathy. Most people have come to accept that if a clogged artery manifests, pharmaceuticals should be consumed to clear it out. If it's too late, then by-pass surgery is the option. A conscious person will make life-style changes, including change in diet, to prevent such a need for drugs and surgery. Opening the chest to perform heart surgery is a massive insult to the tissues of the body, to the psychic health of the patient as well…not to mention the chance of not coming out of anesthesia, the toxic effect of the drugs used during surgery or the emotional trauma of the experience.

When we already know how to heal benign prostatic hypertrophy, treat lumps in the breast, cure endometriosis etc., with natural healthy means, is it not a return to the dark ages to just open the body and remove the unwanted? We cannot wait for our universities, colleges, research foundations, the media and the AMA to tell us of these possibilities. The corporate structure is in place and it's a run-away system. The stockholders must be protected at all cost and no one is watching the store. We must read more and become informed. There will always be a small group who knows better. It's always been this way. I'm not sure earth was meant to be a heaven, although it would be nice.

Many people do not want to make changes with what they eat, smoke, swallow in terms of pharmaceuticals, or how they handle the stressors in their lives. For them Allopathy is the only alternative. Allopathy is the perfect form of treatment for those willing to put all their ailments on a back burner and take their chances. Allopathy has a distinct place in symptomatic care in our world. It will be here for a long time.

How Could We Change World Health Care!

Should the powers that be ever grant me the position of world leader for health care I would rise to the occasion and take the position without hesitation. I would surround myself with the wisest practitioners from all the branches of medicine and procure a posse of bodyguards to protect me from corporate interests. Why a posse? There is the story of Dr. Everett Koop, Surgeon General at the time, who was passionate about increasing public awareness of Aids. He showed up for a radio show ready to talk about Aids. The radio interviewer told him, before the show, that they were not going to talk about Aids as three men had entered the station prior to his arriving and threatened the interviewer should the topic come up. Dr. Koop realized at that time the limits of his position.

Prominent outspoken proponents of healing venues that threaten surgery as it is practiced today, the Hospital Owners Association, and pharmaceutical interests, have disappeared mysteriously in the past…Mendelson, who wrote of the immoral treatment of women by gynecological surgeons, died mysteriously in his prime: Royal Rife who taught of cancer cures and received public notoriety for his work had to escape to Mexico and, completely demoralized, was said to have become an alcoholic. Wilhem Reich, inventor or orgon therapy, a cure for cancer, had his laboratory demolished. William Kelley, originator of Metabolic Typing, had his clinic in Mexico shut down when a Mexican law suddenly required American-run companies to have 50 Mexican workers for every one American. Cardiologist, Atkins, who wrote The Atkins Diet, the second most sold book in the U.S. next to the Bible, answered many of my questions once, when I met him. His approach was fresh and revolutionary. He was the first to take on the grain and sugar industries, in a revolutionary way, with his book, The Diet Revolution. The sale of sugar and wheat, combined, is the largest sold commodity on the planet. Petroleum is second and coffee is third. When dietitians publish new food pyramid charts, grains are always at the bottom of the pyramid as staples of the recommended diet. Atkins knew all too well what he was up against.

I spoke with Mendelson and Kelly too. They were pioneers and had a powerful aura of goodness.

Back in the early days of nutrition, in the 1930s and 1940s, long before we even knew what the endocrine glands' functions were, (which just goes to show you how young the science of physiology is), pioneers like Royal Lee, Price, Harrower, Wheelwright and Pottinger were foraging new ground in Nutrition. Many of them preferred to use anthropology, instead of chemistry, to determine what were the healthiest foods and what herbs kept dis-ease at bay. They studied different societies and evaluated their health. Today we judge health by blood and urine tests, which are far removed from the more objective view of an anthropological look at what really works. These pioneers were not number chasers, ie. Trying to force blood and urine test values to fit into acceptable 'normal' ranges…ranges the pharmaceutical industry narrows yearly to increase sales. Instead, these pioneers looked at who lived the longest, healthiest lives.

I had a high school classmate who became a Nurse Practitioner and worked in Barrow Alaska, up in the far north. He would travel from Eskimo village to Eskimo village by small plane and treat the locals. He told me he saw no trace of cancer, heart dis-ease or diabetes among the people there until he watched the influx of Coca Cola and McDonalds. He was there for the transition and it disheartened him. Watch the movie 'Super-size Me'.

Being in charge of world health care would be a daunting task and one that would only benefit the most people if one were to be a benevolent dictator. For, if decisions to be made were left to majority vote, by a board of elected officials, in no time the board would be Allopathic/pharmaceutical infiltrated and the world system would not change one iota. Is this an inherent flaw of democracy? It would require one benevolent person in charge to accomplish the task of establishing a system that returned to organic farming, nutrients that were not isolates of naturally occurring nutrients, a disuse of toxic chemicals in household cleaning solutions, laundry soaps, perfumes, cleaning of the air by eliminating petroleum based vehicles for transportation…you know the story. Vaccinations would also undergo objective scrutiny to determine if they even work, let alone an investigation as to their dis-ease producing effects.

But what to do when it comes to health care delivery? I would establish Homeopathic colleges around the world based on models already established in India, with their 200 colleges, and the new college in Arizona to open in 2011. Once enough graduates had been generated, Homeopathic hospitals could open worldwide and be modeled after the hundreds of such hospitals in India. Satellite clinics would take care of rural communities. These facilities would not only be Homeopathic. They would have Ayurvedic practitioners, Oriental Medical Doctors (OMDs) and Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Herbologists, Psychologists of a variety of disciplines, body work people, movement and music therapy experts and, for last-resort care, Allopaths. All modern means of diagnosis would be used to identify ailments, find tumors and other overgrowths to include x-ray (used sparingly), MRI, and scoping, as well as exploratory surgeries. Doctors of all branches of medicine, trained in diagnosis, imaging and surgery would be used. Diagnostic equipment and methods would not only be in the hands of Allopaths but would be accessible to all branches of healing.

Initially many people would enter these facilities looking for pharmaceutical care, as is their habit. But, if the system first attempted treatment with non-suppressive substances, I would estimate, given my experience in India, that 95% of ailments would be cured. My experience makes me feel justified to use this percentage, though it still needs much scrutiny.

Whenever a malady had progressed to the point of no return, Allopathics as well as Homeopathy, Herbology and Acupuncture would be used to bring comfort to the patient. Surgery and radiation would be performed on run-away, enlarging tumors, removing them or shrinking them, to extend life. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy would rarely be used other than to extend life once it had been determined that cure was not possible. The reader is now wondering: 'but if you don't do surgery right away and combine it with chemo and radiation it might be too late!' The determination to use non-suppressive approaches would be left completely in the hands of the patient. They would be encouraged to use natural means when statistics supported such an approach. The difference between my proposal and the system in place in the U.S. is that the patient would be exposed to options, which today they are not. Patients assume that because they saw a specialist in a nice building full of modern equipment that this must be the best way to go. In the new model I propose; they would enter a decent looking building, full of modern equipment, be surrounded by doctors of many disciplines, and given a choice as to what to pursue after having been given many alternatives to consider by practitioners specializing in the nature of their ailment. But the choice would always be with the patient. As mentioned before, America is rated 38th in world health, by world health organizations, based on cure rates, deaths rates, infant mortality and patient satisfaction. This present time in history would be a good time for change. Even if world health were not changed dramatically, having the U.S. catch up with Europe would be a feat in itself.

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