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Weirder Than Science!!

Homeopathy is much more odd than simply using energetics!

Weirder Than Science!!

Linear thinkers, and that includes almost all MDs and many DCs (doctors of chiropractic), think that using extremely diluted medicines makes that medicine useless.  But open thinkers are ready to listen to how it might be that a substance, like say sulfur, once diluted to smaller and smaller amounts could possible affect the body.  You see, once you have diluted a teaspoon of sulfur in water, and then shaken it up, and then taken 1/100th of that liquid and put it into 99 parts fresh water and repeated that process 13 times, you maybe only have none or 1 or 2 atoms of sulfur left in the liquid of the 13th dilution.  How could 1 or 2 or maybe 0 atoms of sulfur possibly affect a person?  The philosophy is that the energy of sulfur in now in the liquid and if each time you made a dilution, you shook it hard to a sudden stop 100 times, then those sulfur atoms were agitated some 1300 times in total...and the idea is that the shaking brings the energy of the sulfur into the liquid and amplifies it.  The diluting of the sulfur makes it a very safe medicine because none of the original substance is taken by the patient...so you can use mercury or snake venoms or any substance you want as it has been diluted out and is now safe to consume. 

Okay, so that weird story is weird enough to drive all the linear thinkers away from Homeopathy...and yet 2000 books have been written on the subject, you can specialize in it at any French medical school, and India has over 100 colleges of homeopathy.

But that is only the beginning of strange.  One day a man came to a homeopath who said he could feel that he had a tail.  He had the desire to stab people and he dreampt of scurrying around under rocks.  He always danced with his arms over his head and he had developed wide brown strips on his back which he showed to the homeopath.  In homoepathy we have many remedies made from animals and insects.  What's this remedy?  The homeopath gave him a dilution made of a scorpion.  Read the symptoms over again.  Was this man becoming a scorpion?  The remedy cured him by the way.  But the question remains...do we become the things that eventually cure us.  Many are cured by remedies made of tuberculosis, or scabies, or syphilis.....even the ink of the cuttle fish...and many are healed with flower remedies, herb remedies and mineral and snake venom remedies.  Are we as humans holographically connected to all things on this planet, that we are separate and distinct in ourselves but yet at the same time 'a part of' everything else?

And then there is a class of remedies called 'the imponderables' made from sunlight, moonlight, magnetism and even x-rays.....and they cure hundreds every year.  (the mineral and plant remedies cure millions yearly)

We live in a very interesting world...may you live an interesting life!

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